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We treat the following disorders:

• Delayed Speech and Language
• Cleft Lip/Palate
• Cerebral Palsy
• Swallowing/Feeding
• Apraxia
• Articulation
• Disorders
• Stuttering
• Hearing Loss
• Autism Spectrum Voice Disorders
• Childhood Aphasia
• Auditory Processing Disorders
• Learning Disability
• Phonological Disorders


Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy

Jump Start therapists perform differential diagnosis and design remedial programs specific to each child's special needs.

Our Pediatric Speech Therapists provide evaluation and treatment of:

- Expressive and receptive language disorders
- Communication disorders such as stuttering, voice problems and speech delay
- Articulation and phonological disorders
- Cognitive skills, such as problem solving and reasoning
- Social skills
- Feeding, swallowing and oral motor skills
- Augmentative communication
- Behavior management

Please contact our office at:
956-262-1037 for additional information on our speech therapy options.

Jump Start Therapy Clinics are located in Elsa and Donna, Texas. We serve in and around:

Brownsville, Weslaco, McAllen, Harlingen, Reynosa, Edinburg, San Benito, Los Fresnos, Mercedes, Mission, La Joya and Alton.